fading into infinity - or I exactly know where I am

@ reinkommen ada Studio Berlin, 29th November 2019

fading into infinity - or I exactly know where I am is a work in progress which investigates and twists the concept of  ‘flow’ in movement and coposition. 
What remains is a practice I call ‘autonomous body practice’. Through complementary or antagonistic layering of physical tasks, a composition spontaneously arises. Voluntary and involuntary pauses, speed and intensities shape the space and the body. This confrontation with different textures was picked up by a practice of drawing and writing.

Diego Agulló: flow is like a river that starts in the mountains aiming towards the ocean. The water has to work through different rocks, vegetation and other constraints. But these different physical forms of resistances enable the water actually to flow.

I am howling into to the space and receiving a whistling. The body never arrives and exceed the dimensions of perception. 

Text by Johanna Ackva