WeHeavy Vol.II

@ Uferstudio Berlin, April 2017

WeHeavy Vol.II is a physical concert that remains silent. Inspired by my past being a memeber of the Heavy Metal music scene, the performers explored bodies as instruments, each movement transformed in sound. The ensemble became a band. The bodies entagled in rhythms created a concert. 

CHOREOGRAPHY Simone Gisela Weber DRAMATURGY Rosemarie Eberl and Katrine Staub PERFORMANCE Hanna Kritten Tangsoo, Julia Keren Turbahn, Judith Förster, Katrine Staub, Juan Felipe Amaya Gonzalez, Simone Gisela Weber STAGE DESIGN Simone Gisela Weber LIGHT Hanna Kritten Tangsoo KOSTUME Simone Gisela Weber