Unter Strom

Unter Strom is an audio-visual collage for a young audience, which deals with the topic "pressure" and asks: What puts us under pressure and how does pressure affect the body? Are there certain gestures and facial expressions that we associate with pressure? Can we look at each other when we are literally under pressure?

In conversations and a survey we heard about your experiences. Inspired by your thoughts on the subject of "pressure", we conducted a movement research. As a result you can see small choreographies that we have recorded in different video formats.

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We pursue this research in the frame of a scholarships for freelance artists* who offer a program for a young audience from Senat Berlin. 

Concept: Rosemarie Eberl
Choreography, text and video: Rosemarie Eberl and Simone Gisela Weber
Performance: Rosemarie Eberl and Simone Gisela Weber
Talking partners Lotta Baader, Sarah Bansemer and Hannah Schäfer
Thanks to all the experts* who answered our questions! Illustration: Alejandro Salas Strus

The project is financed by the Kinder- und Jugendplan des Bundes (KJP) of the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth and by membership fees of ASSITEJ.