@Uferstudios Berlin, 2019
@ UDK Rundgang, 2019
@ Unter dem Pflaster 2021, Ateliergemeinschaft Milchhof e. V., 2021

memories are particles
little particles under my skin
as little fragments they fuse together
they couple up spontaneously
in a moment like a little bubble
in a coke
they get together
you might not even sense it
and you were this little child crying
on the middle of the night
as soon as you remember
the particles deform
and dissolve
they might smile at your slowness
you continue
like you do after you woke up
from a dream
a short look into the dark of your room
is enough to get back
into a deep sleep

In the frame of the 4-hour performative video installation 'Idioglossia', one becomes witness to a very personal and intimate discussion about the identity and memory of the twin sisters Simone and Lena. Two parallel running videos and a recording of a conversation deal with themes of intimacy, closeness, demarcation and uncannyness. As a contrast to the auditory and visual representation, one of the twin sisters is present in the room. For the entire duration of the installation she describes a roll of paper with black charcoal without interruption. The sentence 'My Body is...' is completed in the infinite and absurd. Through this act of writing, a fictitious and absent body comes to life, which makes its way through the room over the entire length of the paper roll. Again and again one asks oneself: What makes us the person we are? How many words does it take to understand us?

Konzept & Choreography: Simone Gisela Weber
Video & Sound: Simone Gisela Weber
With: Lena Weber
Thanks to: Rosemarie Eberl, Alejandro Salas Strus & Maxi