Hesitation Waltz 

@ A.PART Festival ada studio Berlin

In “hesitation waltz“, two bodies meet, unfolding a specific fine logic of togetherness in moments of hesitation. A physical quality and a dynamic of hesitation emerges, that opposes the widespread idea that hesitation is an unproductive sign of weakness. “hesitation waltz” negotiates contemplation as an active gesture and productive force of questioning, which provides space for freedom and imagination. To hesitate does not only mean to have a sense of reality but a sense of possibility: It may well be that everything is entirely different.

Due to the COVID Situation unfortunately our new performance took place in the form of a research which we shared online.
We are still working on a way to present Hesitation Waltz live next year.
So far you can have a glimbs on the A.PART Festival Blog

CHOREOGRAPHY AND PERFORMANCE: Julia Keren Turbahn, Simone Gisela Weber
SOUND DESIGN: Nikola Pieper
COSTUME DESIGN: Bettina Mileta